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Student Steering Committee

The TGP Student Steering Committee (SSC) actively participates in advising about TGP curriculum, recruitment and retention, policies and procedures, student resources, and events. The SSC also provides a direct line of communication from students to program leadership and other administrators as needed. The SCC leads several important aspects of the TGP program including planning the paracurricular events, social events, and EDIB initiatives. 
Sherin Xirenayi

Sherin Xirenayi

Chair of EDIB Initiatives

Sherin is a G1 in the SSQB program.

Hawa Dembele

Hawa Dembele

Chair of Paracurricular Activities

Hawa is a G3 student in the SSQB program.

Emma Dolen

Emma Dolen

Chair of Social Events

I am a fourth year Chem Bio student in Tim Mitchison’s lab working on developing a small molecule inhibitor of an enzyme. I am originally from a small town in CT, called Ellington, though we often called it Smellington as we have a lot of cows (and manure). Before coming to Harvard, I studied chemistry at Bucknell and ran on the cross country and track teams there. My research centers on finding a small molecule inhibitor of a kinase implicated in brain cancer. My project started with various screening approaches and has led to structure-guided design of inhibitors and various in vitro enzyme assays. It is a fun project as I get to learn the basics of drug discovery and collaborate with experts across the drug discovery pipeline.

Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad


Ahmad is a Ph.D. candidate in Biology and Biomedical Sciences Program. His research in Dr. Norbert Perrimon's lab focuses on developing CRISPR-Cas9 based screening to identify new signaling components for GPCR signaling that may serve as therapeutic targets to treat obesity and obesity-related diseases

SSC Alumni

Morgan Martin
Sean Watson
Kim Hixon
Benjamin Fram
Kyle Evans
Stan Gill
Harry Won
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